The role of  Detmar Ranch Guide is to monitor your safety, estimate the age & score of trophy, determine when to shoot, determine hit or miss, track & recover game if possible, field dress, quarter, and prepare game for travel, tape & measure, contests, & taxidermist if desired.

WOUNDED GAME: A wounded deer is considered a dead deer and the guides determine whether game was wounded. Every effort will be made to find a wounded animal, but whether found or not the wounded animal will be judged a kill. The hunter pays for all kills. If we find the animal after your departure, we will take the trophy to the taxidermist. Replacement capes if necessary are available from our ranch or taxidermist for a fee.  A wounded deer is a dead deer.  No exceptions

  • Sight in rifles prior to arrival
  • Guide determines whitetail deer to be harvested
  • Guide's tips not included in price of hunt.
  • Semi-guided hunts mean hunters are taken to blinds and stay there until picked up by guide
  • Arrangements can be made for taxidermy work
  • All non-hunting guests $250.00/day, due upon confirmation
  • Whitetail deer hunting dates October through December subject to availability

What to Bring:

All hunters must have a Texas Hunting License before the hunt.  
Check the Dilley area weather for proper dress.
Here are some things you might want to bring:

Hat | Coat | Gloves | Jacket | Vest | Pants | Shirts | Sweater | Boots | Extra socks | Rain Gear | Face Mask | Long Johns | Camo Clothing | Camp Shoes

Field Gear and Accessories
Your Gun | Ammo | Ear Plugs | Binoculars | Extra Socks | Chap Stick | Camera with Batteries | Cell Phone | Sun Glasses | Flashlight and Batteries | License | Hand Warmers | Insect Repellant | Cooler for transporting game

Fishing Gear and Lures
Fishing Pole | Top Water Lures & Soft plastic worms, flukes, or lizards

Personal Items
Toiletries | Chap Stick | Cell Phone | All Prescription Medications | Sunscreen | Sunglasses | First Aid Items